mercredi 30 mars 2011

Le fameux topal de Gréo!

The updated guide of gréolières is out! Till my tiny accident one and a half week ago, I've been forced to lay down at home... So in between being too much in pain to achieve anything, and falling asleep due to the pills, I  still easily found some time to finish this one up. Hope you'll like it!

Click on the image, then look for "File" and "Download original" on the top left for full quality!
Anyway, as you will soon find out, it's certainly not perfect. The location of the easy routes on the extreme right of the cliff may be a bit wrong, since I've never climbed on this part of the cliff. Some names are still missing for the newest routes, as for their grades which may still need some adjustments. Rectifications should come soon enough, with the future updates. The fact is, there are tons of new super hard projects waiting to be FAted... Game is on (or will be on in a few months in my case)!

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