dimanche 19 décembre 2010

Turbie - Petr christmas present!

Since we are now living in a world where we can read everybody's thoughts in no time by just sitting on the coach and clicking on every single links internet offers us, I'll will in the future try to post in English... effective now! The fact is that I personally enjoy reading some blogs from climbers, and I find it pretty frustrating when their posts seems interesting by unreadable because of the language... Anyway, let's try to do things right and write in English!

Today was one of those totally perfect days regarding to the weather : Sunny, cold but not to much... in a world one of those days where lying on the bottom of the cliff, enjoying the sun and the scenery could be enough to feel accomplished at the end of the day! But... who am I kidding? We are fanatics! We couldn't just lie there without climbing a muerte!!! 

Petr, completing his 100th route graded 8a and more : Philomène
And that's what we did, climb again and again! And I have to say that for a climbing fanatic, trying a 4 moves 8b and falling every times without having the impression of actually climbing, gets really frustrating. While I was realizing in La poutre aux yeux that power is still by far my absolute weakness, and while Michel was also realizing that memorizing the beta is the key to progression, especially for night attempts in projects, Petr was crushing as usual! 

Petr on the superb sculpted rock of La Turbie
This past year I've climbed a lot wit Petr, week-ends and also often in the evening when the days were longer.  During all these sessions, I've seen him improving his climb, especially concerning the technical part ;-) . He has methodically cleaned a few of the hard routes around Nice, including some 8c! Today he offered himself his 100th route graded 8a and more. I'd like here to congrats him another time and to wish him to continue crushing all the routes he has put in his list! That is to say basically all the hard routes around here... this guy is a cleaning machine! Keep on being so motived man!!!

Yes if you weren't convince up to now, Petr can also be very technical ;-)
Wish everybody happy winter holidays full of climbing!!! I'm personally heading to Margalef just after Christmas... Hope the weather is gonna be sweet!

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