lundi 10 janvier 2011

Margalef - Soooo good!

Margalef - Raco des espadelles
Winter holidays, one week in Margalef, Spain... perfect rock on a great feature, sun all the time, perfect temperatures, great times with friends and with a full climbing community... what else!!! Definitely love this place even if it's not my climbing style at all... But that's what we love like no?... When it's hard to get!?! Here are a few pics we took! Just by posting that, I  think of all the projects I've got there, and of all the amazing looking routes I've not even been in yet... Can't wait to go back there!!!

Elie can't resist trying the beautiful line of the master Dani : Bumaye, 8c+ at the laboratori
Enzo trying Bumaye, his goal of the trip!
Another of enzo in Bumaye... Such a pure line!
Enzo reaching the last hard movement of Bumaye
Enzo on the last hard and reachy movement of the incredible Bumaye
Night session a muerte at the laboratori - Elie in Speed baby, 8b+
Enzo warming up for Bumaye, literary hiking Speed baby on his first try...
To conclude, here is a short vid of what a run look like down there in the laboratori : Short, fast, intense... and not far from the ground... especially when draws are difficult to clip... Enjoy!

3 commentaires:

  1. guigui s'il te plait ne me fait pas croire que des lecteur étrangers lisent ton blog, pense à nous et écrit en français bodel !!!

  2. Ben si yen a quelques uns apparement... et puis l'anglais c'est l'avenir!!! Il est grand temps que les français deviennent moins merdiques an anglais (moi le premier)! Et en plus je fais moins de fautes d'orthographe en anglais ;-)
    Ca va c'est pas la mère à boire à lire non plus... et moi ça me limite, j'ai moins tendance à m'étaler... bref non je crois que je vais essayé de continuer en anglais!

  3. You're on the good way GuiGui...
    Go ahead like this ;-)